Product Range

If you're looking for supreme quality charcoal to be used in BBQ grills, then the Green Tree Charcoal Company can match your needs completely. As a trusted manufacturer and supplier of fuel products to the UK market, we always ensure that quality is not compromised and only the best products reach their end users. So, buy charcoal from us and make considerable savings on every order!

We specialise in restaurant grade charcoal that delivers utmost safety and the ability to burn longer while discharging a low volume of smoke. Furthermore, expect no popping, crackling or sparking from our items.

Before formally introducing our products to the market, we put them through stringent testing at several restaurants. For this reason, we've established ourselves as a highly reliable charcoal supplier for BBQ grills in the UK restaurant market. At Green Tree, there is no need of a middleman since we carry out each phase of production on our own. From the tree to the sack of fuel, we’re everywhere! The absence of middleman means you can buy charcoal at a greatly reduced price from us.

In the current financial crisis, it is essential to run a restaurant competitively and our first-class fuel products can help you achieve economy of scale in your business. Think of us right away whenever you search for a charcoal supplier on the web!