Welcome to Green Tree Charcoal Company.

We've bridged the long-standing gap between cost and quality by supplying premium hardwood charcoal at the best prices to the restaurant industry in the UK.

Our wholesale charcoal with several notable advantages allows restaurant owners to run their business in a cost-efficient way during this financial crunch and still satisfy their customers to the highest level with many delectable dishes.

Opt for our restaurant grade charcoal to enjoy:

  • Maximum safety as there is no crackling, popping or sparking.
  • Maximum output as it burns for a long time period at a consistent temperature.
  • Minimum amount of smoke to be a great eco-friendly option.

All these aforesaid elements make Green Tree the most sought after supplier of high quality charcoal over the internet.

We're not limited to the role of a supplier alone; instead, we fully involve ourselves at every stage of hardwood charcoal production process. Thanks to our solid associations with businesses around the world, we procure the finest wood and produce the top-quality restaurant charcoal using advance manufacturing techniques. Hence, from sourcing raw materials to packing and distributing fuel products, we do everything ourselves.

With the Green Tree Charcoal Company, you won’t find any middleman that often escalates the product price. Due to our comprehensive range of expertise, we're able to reduce our overheads and pass on the saving to our esteemed clients.

So, browse through our wholesale charcoal products that are available in different quantities to meet your particular requirements and place order now for its fast delivery!

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